Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Walcott injury update

I was fearing the worst when I saw Theo being strecthered off during last night's game. However, the Guardian today reported that the injury is not as bad as initially feared and Theo should only be out for a couple of weeks rather than month. He will definitely miss the Bolton and Braga matches but hopefully will be back for the visit to Stamford Bridge on Oct 3.

Somehow, the injury curse always occur to our players when they are in the best of forms. Last year, RVP was brilliant until he was floored by the ankle injury. This year, Nasri was in fine pre-season form and he was struck with an injury as well. Now, Theo , who has been the best player in the opening three matches is also out. Is there no end to this curse. The analysis by LadyArse paints the whole picture of this curse. Great work LadyArse !

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