Monday, September 13, 2010

Neville, your team is choking now!!

Not sure if anyone noticed that Man U has dropped points in their last two matches to late minute goals. This has really given me a chance to pounce on the Man U fans that have previously ridicule us for being soft and always conceding goals towards the end. It was fun to watch Evra and especially Neville so desolate after the Everton match.

These two players have always said our boys are chokers and will never win anything. Well, we may not win all our matches this season but I would wager that we would finish above Man U this season.

Elsewhere, our captain has come out in support of Almunia and insists that the much maligned goalkeeper has the trust of the team in this season's challenges. Cesc said

"Manuel commanded the defence very well at Blackburn - but it is not just about one game or two or three. He is a well-loved player among everybody here and performs well for this club. We all wish him a super season and have a lot of trust."

Almunia has done well in the past two games and bears no fault in the goals that we have conceded. However, I am still wary about his ability in the air and his concentration. Let's just hope with the support from his teammates, he can really prove his doubters wrong and be the world class goalkeeper that we want him to be.

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