Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cesc's a hostage at Arsenal

Here I thought that after the transfer window has closed that we will be spared the usual sensationalistic bull****. Boy, was I wrong! I must admit that I was and still is a bit skeptical about the Daily Mail piece about how he is being kept at Arsenal despite his insistence to go. It's the same old line and I have a very strong feeling that the interviews were conducted some time ago and rehash as a new article since it's a pretty empty news week in the Premiership.

We all know he wanted to go to Barcelona in the summer but Arsene Wenger talked some sense into him. He has since come out to declare his loyalty to the Gunners for this season and his performances so far has not told us otherwise. I believe Cesc is the consummate professional who will gives his best no matter what. This may be his last season with us and I am sure he wants to leave the Emirates a hero.

I hope we don't get more nonsense coming out from the dailies so that everyone can get down to serious footballing business once the Premiership resumes next week. Certainly it will be my last post on this subject and if you ever catch me writing about this subject ever again this season, a mystery gift awaits you.

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