Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good news all around!

It's all positive news today for the Gunners as injuries suffered by Kieran Gibbs and Cesc Fabregas should only keep them away for a "short period".

After hobbling off in extra time in the match against Spurs, we all feared the worst for young Gibbs. Initial reports that he had broken his metatarsal again  was proven to be wrong and the scan showed only "severe bruising" and the player will only be out for the short term. However, we are dealing with the Arsenal medical team so short term can mean a matter of months. For example, Vermaelan was only supposed to miss a couple of matches through a minor injury but it's been 4 matches since we saw the Belgian and it doesn't look like he will make it for saturday's game against the Baggies.

The other piece of good news came as a surprise as Cesc Fabregas told the press that he is fighting to be fit for the Chelsea game and will most likely make it. He said 

'The injury is not as bad as we first thought. There is no muscle rupture and I will be back perfect in about 10 to 11 days. 'I am working with an osteopath in Paris and just working day to day. I think I will make the Chelsea game.'

Finally the club is expected to announce record profits in its annual report scheduled to be release tomorrow. According to the press, the club will also announce that its debt for the Highbury Square development which once amounted to  £133 million has been fully re-paid six month early.

In this day and time, when football clubs are finding it difficult to keep afloat and need billionaire tycoons to bail them out, this is a fantastic achievement for the Gunners?

However, the question still remain? Have we sacrifice our footballing success for one in the management offices. The longer we go without winning anything, the louder the groans from the fans.

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