Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fabianski to start against Chelsea? Oh Please NO!

I know our new star goalkeeper Fabianski has gotten good reviews for his performance in the game against Partizan. There are even reports that he might start against Chelsea this weekend. The player himself has come out and boasted about how he has now the confidence to face Chelsea and is not afraid of the game. He said in a post match interview,

 ‘I’m ready to play against Chelsea. I was always ready. 
I was never really bothered by all the things that were said.’

Big words from the most aligned Arsenal goalkeeper in recent history. Yet his performance in Belgrade doesn't show me that he can actually walk the talk. Seriously what did he do during that game that was so fantastic.

Yes, he managed to save a penalty but he failed to save one as well. He guessed correctly and was helped by a weak shot.  Yes, he manage to save one with his feet when exposed by squillaci early in the game but that's about all that he did. I have read some papers saying he managed to catch a cross in a crowded area and made a save near the end the match but how does that qualify as turning the corner. If he can't even do that, then he shouldn't even be a goalkeeper.  His one clearance ins the match, he couldn't get up in the air and the ball rolled on the ground but luckily there were no Partizan attackers to pounce on it.

I think his mere presence in the Arsenal goalkeeper creates an atmosphere of uncertainty among the defensive players. They know they cannot be relied on the goalkeeper to save them and this increases the pressure on them.

You can mark my word that if he plays on Sunday, we would lose.

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  1. Everyone always slates our goalkeepers. the fact is they aren't world class, thats a fact, but the defense is the area that needs dramatic improvements. if our defenders weren't always at the other end of the pitch, our goalkeepers wouldn't be exposed all the time. defenders shoud defend as a priority, as the name would suggest! Everyone talks about the keeper like he is the sole reason for every goal we concede