Sunday, September 26, 2010

Enough with the negativity already, there is a silver lining out there

I woke up today and expected to be bombard with all kinds of negative reactions following our loss yesterday. Seriously, I never knew that Arsenal fans were so negative about the team. Blog after blog, comment after comments, all were condemning the team to hell.I say enough of the negativity already, even the best team suffer defeats or have an off day. Look no further than Barcelona, the best club side in the world being beaten by Hercules a newly promoted side (pretty similar to our situation yesterday, I would think).

Let's We should stop having a go at Almunia. Arsene is right not to pinpoint Al as the scapegoat for the defeat. In his Sky Sports interview he said,

"I don't think it was down to one player..our level of focus on the job was not right.

"I believe you can include all the defenders as well. They all made massive mistakes so it would not be right to blame one player more than any other."

He makes mistakes as any other goalkeeper...Hart, Reina, Schwarzer, Green, Given...goalkeepers that we have been linked to in the past and they have all made blunders this season. Remember it was Reina's dreadful mistake which saved us from defeat on opening day. So let's give Al a break and support him at least until January. Having a go at him constantly will never be good for his confidence and he's the best we good. Do you want to swap him for Fabianski? I think not.

The silver lining in our defeat yesterday was that everyone else that matters also did not get full points. Chelsea lost, Spurs lost, Man U drew, Liverpool drew, Everton drew. Only Man City managed to get 3 points but with them being so inconsistent, I wouldn't be too worried about them just yet.

So if you look at the table, nothing much has change. we are still 4 points behind Chelsea as we were before saturday and Man U is only one ahead. This season is gonna be like last and there won't be any runaway leader for the title. All the teams are capable of beating anybody on its day. The last one standing will be the one that really believes and we as the fans must give our team that believe.

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  1. nice article mate,but i second to that we lost at home to albion by conceding 3 goals.albion is a team that fights to play top flight and we are a club that look for trophies so such performance can have a long term affect and i feel liverpool are going through this should be a one off and we get back to winning ways.cheers!