Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let's all take a step back

I must admit that I was angry as hell last night when the transfer window passed and Arsenal did not sign the new goalkeeper that everyone knows that we need. Decided that I would not write anything down as given my mood, it would have been just an essay of profanities.

Having had a nite to mulled the non-event over, I have decided to put my trust in Arsene Wenger like I have always done. He is the best manager we ever had and I still believe in him and the decision he make.

I am with StoneColdArsenal who wrote a brilliant piece here about the situation. The reality is the transfer window has closed and Almunia will remain our No 1 at least until the transfer window opens again, bar any injuries. Don Vito and Wozzy are still too young to be the No 1 and Fabianski is definitely out of the question.

Almunia has proven previously that he can be a good keeper. His form in 2008 prompted several pundits to even pushed for this inclusion into the England team. I believe the mistake again Manchester United at Old Trafford last season really did have a major effect on his confidence and affected his play throughout the season. He just needs to get this back and we should be ok with him between the sticks. Performance like that at the weekend will surely be a boost for him.

so I am keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully, this lack of action from the Arsenal management will not come back and bite us .

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