Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ryan Shawcross, you're dumb and blind

The international break continues to drag on as the national teams play the second of the 2012 qualifiers tonight. After this, the players go back to their clubs and the Premiership can start again. Can't wait for that? It has really been a bore for us Gunners fans as news about the club seems particularly dry. The columns of the sports pages have mostly been filled with the Rooney scandal. It's inevitable since sex sells and the papers seldom report anything good or non-controversial about Arsenal anyway.

The back pages of the Mirror today has an article on the Italian player Ricardo Montolivo and how he has no desire to join us.I know he was linked to us in the summer but seriously do we even want him. We have an abundance of midfield playing talent in the team and if we would actually need a playmaker (if a certain captain of ours leave next year) I think we can definitely do better than this guy. Watched him in the World Cup and he doesn't have anything on him that tells me he is better than what we have.

The Daily Mail carried the article on Ryan Shawcross talking about Arsene Wenger and how our boss should mind his own business. According to him,

'I don’t mind people having their opinions, but if it’s not a game involving his players then I don’t see the point of bringing up me and Huthy. I’ve watched the video again and at no point did I go anywhere near Gomes. (referring to the Stoke v Spurs game)

Well, Ryan, you have previously shown that you are a dirty, brutish and definitely more suited for rugby or ice-hockey rather than football, but now, you are telling people that you are blind as well. Anybody who has seen a replay of the video, can clearly see you and your fellow mate, Robert Huth, barging and pushing the Spurs keeper. Just because you again got away with it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Please be a man and own up to your actions and at least be truthful to yourself.

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