Friday, October 1, 2010

4 things we need to do for victory on Sunday

First and foremost, my condolences to Carlo Ancelotti on the demise of this father. I think he has been a welcomed adversary for the Gunners and gone towards rebuilding the relationship between both clubs after animosity created during the Mourinho era. I don't begrudge the two victories Chelsea got over us last year as I thought they were worthy winners and champions of the league

We have not beaten Chelsea home or away since 2008 when RVP's double brought us victory at the Bridge. Since then it has been heartbreak after heartbreak for us culminating in last year's embarrassing 3-0 capitulation at the Emirates. It was not so much that Chelsea were brilliant that day but more a case of the Gunners being poor.

So on Sunday we have to chance to make amends and break the trend or continue to face brickbats about how we have not learned anything from the past defeats. I may not be a coach but these are a couple of things that I feel to do in order to get a victory. Here goes:

Defence: Contain the Drog!

Definitely this guy is Arsenal's nemesis. He never fails to score against us and always helps the team to victory. It is not surprising in the 2008 defeat to us, Drogba was not in the team. We really have to contain the threat the he poses. I think everyone know this but we have not managed to do anything about it. Arsene always put a single defender on him but so far none of Toure, Gallas, Vermaelen, Campbell is able to do the job. Clearly it will be a big task for either Squillaci or Koscielny to handle. There I think it is important for one of the defensive midfielders to always help in marking him. Song and Wilshere must also get in position to help the lone defender in containing the Drog, rather than patrolling the area in front of the defenders like they usually do. If we can really neutralize the Ivorian, our chances would increase by 50% at least.

Midfield: Keep the Focus and Remain Patient

I have noticed this season our midfielders have been very patient with the ball look for the right opening before going in for the kill. Although I have levelled criticism to the team about the slow build-up play, I admit this game needs a patient approach.. Last year we were very cavalier in our attacking leaving all kinds of gap is between midfield and defence. The goals conceded against Chelsea and Man U at home is a direct result of us pushing the midfield to far forward leaving the defense expose. I hope Arsene looks back at both the matches last year and close the gap. Even in our last game, this thing occurred again when the Partizan attackers were one on one with the defenders. We were not really been punished but with Chelsea, we wouldn't be so lucky.

Attack: Get to the First Ball

Again, look back at last year's game, it is a worry how our passes failed to reach the attacker and easily cut out by the defense. Of course, we had a midget in Arshavin coming up against Terry and Carvalho last year. This year it should be a different story with Chamakh in the center. This guy has the potential to trouble Terry and Alex with his heading abilities. Also we are getting better now at offensive set-pieces. John Terry has not been in good form since he came back from the World Cup and the Blues can be vulnerable at set-pieces. It is high time we make them pay.

Team: Stick to the basics

In the last two matches, we were very poor in doing the basic things like passing and maintaining the ball. We cannot afford to give away the ball anywhere in the park because the Blues will deploy the counter attack. Our midfielders must also keep the ball and not lose the physical battle. In the game against Partizan, Song and Denilson, were easily brushed aside by the opposing midfielders. They have to toughen up cause on Sunday they will come up against the Bison, Mikael Essien. He has been playing further up front in the absense of Lampard so Song will have his hands up getting the better of the Ghanaian.

Overall, I think we do stand a chance against the champions. They have made a good start to the season but when  faced with the first real challenge at Eastlands, they floundered. Now it is our time to pour salt into their wounds. If we show the passion and desire for the victory, we can do it.

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  1. Excellent write up. What we have to do is maintain possession, track back properly, cut out the mistakes and take our chances. The equation is so simple yet so difficult. I hope we come up with the goods and announce ourselves in the League.