Friday, October 8, 2010

Gunners kids set to power England team in the future

As th English U21 team prepare to face Romania in their 2011 European Championship play-offs , I can help but fell a sense of pride at growing number of Arsenal players who have and probably will make it to U21 team, if not the senior team.

Currently we already have Wilshere and Gibbs who are established members in Stuart Pearce's side. This time around, the manager has also added former England U19 captain Henri Lansbury to his squad and a possible start in the game.

If you take into account Emmanuel Frimpong who would definitely have made the team had he not been injured, and Jay Emmanual Thomas, we could possibly have 5 players representing England at next year's U21 Championships. I don't know but certainly this must certainly be a record of sorts for one team to have some many players in the junior national team. It is certainly a turnaround for the Gunners who has so long being crticised as the most non-English team in the league.

And the production line does not end with the five above. Luke Freeman, Chuks Aneke and Benio Afobe are next in line and I am certain all of them will make it to the national team in the near future.

It won't be long before the senior squad is powered by Gunner Power.

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