Monday, October 25, 2010

Final thoughts from Sunday's match

It was definitely a marvelous result on Sunday. The lads really socked it to the Citizens and came back with three very important points. Also we saw how far-sighted the manager was to have sold off the Emmanuel Adebayor. As I said in my post before the game, the beanpole  striker needs a least a couple of chances before he can convert one. Well you all saw the game, he had three or four opportunities and how many did he score: Zero.

Another thing that caught my attention that night was the way the team committed those cynical fouls which we have not always done. There were a couple of times when the City players were embarking on a quick break, our lads in midfield just took them out. This is an important step in the team's progress. It shows we can beautiful football but at time when we need to be intelligent and cynical, we can do that as well. I agree with the manager when he said that this match showed how the team has matured . I do hope it continues.

Have anyone noticed how opposition players are getting sent off against us. I am sure it must be some kind of record but in the first nine games we already have 3 teams who didn't finish the game with their full complement of players. This is a good sign cause we have not lost a game in 12 years when the opponent goes down to ten man in he first half. With the way we attack and move the ball, I am sure this trend would not end anytime soon.

Lastly, amidst the euphoria, just a word of caution. I said before the match the central partnership is the weakest link in the team. I have not seen anything in the match to prove otherwise. He may improved in the future but Djourou is looking very much like Senderos 2.0. Huge potential but cannot do business on the field. I just hope Koscielny or Vermaelen return soon cause having at weak central defensive partnership could derail our championship hopes this season.

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