Saturday, October 9, 2010

England U21's could use a dose of JET

I hope Stuart Pearce realizes by now his team does better with a big center forward roaming up front in attack. During his time with the U21’s Andy Carroll was a brilliant performer for the team as the team’s formation and strategy suited him just right.

Anyone watching last night’s match against Romania could see how England would have put the tie to bed if only Andy Carroll was on hand to turn in all the crosses that the two wingers drove in regularly. Mine you the crosses weren’t spectacular but Danny Rose, Tom Cleverly and later Marc Allbrigton did beat the Romanian fullbacks with ease and pump in crosses only to be clear by the central defender.

In Danny Welbeck, the team did not a forward to challenge the crosses, while you serious do not expect Jack Wilshere to be at the end of the move in the penalty box winning headers. I thought it was a mistake by Pearce to leave out Daniel Sturridge but again the Chelsea front man also does not fit the profile of a typical English centre forward.

All the above brings me a conclusion that Jay Emmanuel Thomas would be the perfect solution for Pearce as a replacement for Andy Carroll. JET is fast, agile and above all, has the height to be at the end of the crosses. Although different opponents would mean different strategies for the manager but having someone like JET in the team would be akin to Capello naming Davies or Zamora to the senior squad. It just gives the manager another strategy to deploy should it be needed. Pearce did not have the luxury and was lucky that they got the winner of a set-play late in the game. The tie is still very much up in the air as the U21’s travel to Bucharest for the return leg holding the slim 2-1 lead.

I know that JET has not played many games for Arsenal but his appearances last season with Doncaster and for the Arsenal Reserves have gotten praises from those who have watched him play. It is high time for Stuart Pearce to recognize the talent that he has waiting at Arsenal.

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