Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where is our new goalkeeper?

The transfer window closes in just under 48 hours and yet there is no semblance of a new goalkeeper rolling through the gates of the Emirates. As the hours go by, I just wonder if Arsene Wenger will really sign the keeper he promised the fans, but more importantly, can we afford not having a new No. 1 goalkeeper for this campaign.

I really took Arsene's words to heart and believed that he would sign the goalkeeper to solve the goalkeeping situation we had. As the countdown draw nearer, my faith is starting to waver. Is it really that difficult searching for a good quality keeper? I don't  know the many intricacies of the transfer market, but I certainly do know of a certainty in the footballing world: Each and every player has a price tag and for the right price, he will be sold by the club. Whether the price represent good value, it can only be determine retrospectively. Just imagine if we buy Shay Given for £25 million and over the course of the season, he makes spectacular saves and ultimately win us the Premiership and Champions League. Is the exorbitant cost justified? Of course. If on the other hand, we pay £2million for Schwarzer and he performs worse than Fabianski, then we would have thrown £2million down the drain.

Therefore, please Arsene, look at the equation from the TOTAL VALUE, point of view rather than just financial considerations. Finish the building of your team and reap the true potential of this great Arsenal side. Because, to answer to the second question is, we cannot afford not to have a new keeper in place once the transfer window closes.

Almunia performance over the weekend deserves praise but he is as unreliable as they come. He can win us a match one day but cost us another on any other given day. So to have him continue as no 1 would be like having a ticking time bomb in each match.

Enough time and column inches has been spent on the subject of the Arsenal goalkeeping situation. It really time now for action. Arsene's action.

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