Friday, August 20, 2010

Injuries Injuries Injuries

August 20, 2010

Is it me or is it just crazy to injure yourself so bad IN TRAINING that you will be out for 9 months. Well that's what our Emmanuel Frimpong did, broke his cruciate knee ligaments and will be out for some time.

Seriously, I was really looking to Frimpong to become our alternative should Song be injured(which he is at the moment). He has had a fantastic pre-season and would have gone on to get a couple of first team appearance. Now this will definitely set him back.

Again if i remember correctly, Samir Nasri was also injured during pre-season training last season and was out for a couple of months as well.

There seem to be no end to our injuries whether it is from game day (which I can understand) or in training( which totally makes no sense) but it can't be just down to pure bad luck. Our players also do seem to take a longer recovery that most. For example, everybody saw Torres was down injured during World Cup Final and yet he was back over the weekend playing 20 minutes towards the end. He was running ok and looking sharp.

Whereas, Cesc played bugger all during the World Cup, not injured, and yet Arsene is talking about taking time putting him back on the field. Come on, he has been back for close to the weeks, he is ready and I have a strong feeling we are gonna need him on Saturday.

Someone must seriously be looking into the training methods and and the medical team. I am not slacking Colin Levin but I don't think we have had that many injuries when his brother was in charge.

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