Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I would love to meet Real Madrid in the Champions League

So, the Mourinho show has started again and the Spanish League haven't had its first match. No, he has to first fire his salvo's across the British Channel to target the Gunners, Liverpool and England. Here's what he said on Sky Sports:

Arsenal too, year after year it looks likely – but no.
Always the same type of comment, ‘it’s a young team, we’ll be next season’. I remember we (Chelsea) played them in the Carling Cup semi-final with a team of young boys.
But the team of young boys is no longer the team of young boys. In this moment they are a team that are 25, 26, 27 years old.
(Cesc) Fabregas, (Theo) Walcott, (Gael) Clichy, (Alex) Song, (Bacary) Sagna. They are not a team of kids anymore, they are the team at the age to win things.
But I don’t think they will do it, I think it will be again Man United and Chelsea, and of course Man City because they have a great squad.

No doubt he is a great manager but I seriously hate this guy. He has made enemies whenever he goes and his attitude to football is deplorable. A win at all cost mentality may attracted some to his camp but the collateral damage ha causes along the way is unforgivable. Remember Andreas Frisk?

I have no doubt that Jose Mourinho will probably be a success in Madrid. If going by his modus operandi, Real Madrid will probably not win anything this season, but win the League in his second season and by the third season, Mourinho will leave or be sack. He would have made some many enemies by his third year that the knives will be out for him. That is why he can never be a great manager like Arsene Wenger or Sir Alex.

Both these managers have stuck to their jobs (and not get the boot) and continue to build great teams in their time. Sir Alex has gone through at least 4 different builds for Manchester United, while our Arsene has successfully made 2 magnificient teams and the third will be the crowning glory of his time here at Arsenal.

Mourinho has never gone on to build another team after his first success. He left Porto after the Champions League, got the sack at Chelsea and again left Inter after his success. Some might say he has been extremely smart to maintain his aura of invincibility, but to me personally, he is only a footballing mercenary who runs when the going gets tough.


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