Monday, August 30, 2010

Van Persie crock. Again?

According to the Guardian here, Robin van Persie will be out for several weeks after hurting his ankle during the match against Blackburn. He set up the opening goal for Theo Walcott but left soon after.

After the match, Arsene has gone on to say that the injury is not serious but now the full extent of the damage is out.

Again, we have our main players out through injury. We have lost Samir Nasri and now Robin. How's is it that we are getting injuries like that. I don't RVP was tackle by anyone but in fact hurt his ankle trying to make a tackle on a Blackburn player. Seriously, something has to be done to our medical team. Surely our players can be built better than twigs can sustain more than a simple tap on the before they break and we lose their services for an entire month.

In full terms a months is a pretty serious injury. As a said in a previous post , Fernando Torres has a torn hamstring on July 11 and by August 15, he is already playing 20 minutes in a competitive match. Now I can tell from experience, a torn hamstring is surely more serious than a bruised ankle. I can understand if he has broken his ankle and will be out for the season but 1 month for an minor ankle injury, that's just crazy.

In other news, there is the usual end of season tranfer madness happening now and as usual, Arsene is right in the thick of things. The Schwarzer saga is still on-going. Reports also suggest Armand Traore is on the verge of joining Birmingham.

All will end tomorrow at 6pm GMT. Let's wait and see.

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