Monday, August 23, 2010

My grouse with Diaby

I know I am a spoilsport to talk about this while we are still basking in the euphoria of the Blackpool result, but I guess got to get this off my chest. About Diaby.

I know some of you who come to his defense, and go on about how he has improved last year. I have to admit that he did have a few games which he played alright but the others he was simply deplorable.

Every time I see his name on in the starting line-up, i sighed. It's not that he is the worse player that we but his style of play really annoys me.

He can really play in any position that Arsene has put him into. As a defensive midfielder, he doesn't have t strength to win 50-50 balls. When he does win them back, he inevitably gives it away. He is also slow in getting back to defense, a key are for this role. I can't remember clearly which defeat(Man U at home, i think) last season but the sight of him strolling back to the penalty area when the opposition striker was in full speed really just sickens me.

As a central midfielder, he just doesn't do anything useful at all. Of course, he has his dribbling skills and able to twist and turn to get away from his markers but what does he do next! He looks up , left, right,left, right and by then his marker would already be back in position. This really infuriates me. Don't know if anyone noticed but he is extremely slow in distributing the ball.

One of the reasons why we have not been able to utilize our fast breaks is because of Diaby who takes his bloody own sweet time to make a decision who to pass to...By then, as I said, the opposition has already gotten back in position. Please don't take my word for it and see for yourself. Look at how long he takes to make the forward pass.

I can go on and on about this guy but writing about him just makes me go mad thinking back to his play.

Till tomorrow then, apparently there are good news on the transfer front

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