Friday, August 27, 2010

Blackburn v Arsenal Preview

So, tomorrow we go north for the visit to Big Sam's Blackburn. Well we can expect more of the same old tactics employed by all of Big Sam's teams we have come across, Bolton, Newcastle and now Blackburn.

We have always gotten the better of Blackburn since the Walrus became their manager except for the unfortunate encounter last season where truly saw what potential Fabianski was. A real potential for disaster that is. In truth, last season we were missing 3 quarters of the first team but the defeat really left me a truly frustrated man. There are better team i would love Arsenal to beat than Spurs and Big Sam's teams.

For tomorrow, I am hoping to see the real Arsenal having a blast at Ewood Park. We don't have any serious injuries that we cannot manage and have several players such as Denilson, Koscielny and Cesc back for full first team duty.

Koscielny who will be partnering TV4 in central defense for this match talk about how he relishes the physical side of the Premiership. In this article here, he said:

"I work hard and never give up. On man marking, I don't let the striker breathe.

"I love one-on-one challenges because they are a physical, technical and mental challenge. It is a big battle - part bluff, part judgement.

Kos impressed in the first game against Liverpool, but locking horns with El Hadji Diouf, Jason Roberts and the like will be a different cattle of fish altogether. He will literally be cutting his teeth in this match and let's hope he comes out alright.

The goalkeeping situation is still unchanged, which means Almunia will be in goal. It's really not the ideal situation but he has proven a safer pair of hands than Fabianski. At least he doesn't stumble over his defender's legs.

All in all, it is an important match to our title aspirations as winning against these mid and lower table teams can actually win us the title. If you recall, you were unbeaten against the lower placed teams and lead the table at some point last season. Our failure to be win the title last season did not come from the defeat to Chelsea or Man United but in the points conceded to teams like Burnley, Sunderland, Wigan and Blackburn.

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