Friday, August 20, 2010

Gallas to Spurs

Well, just gotten the news that our ex-captain has done a "reverse Sol Campbell" and cross over to the Whites of Tottenham. I thinking that this is a fair move for him as he is already 33 and approaching the twilight of his career, so a last fling in a top class side should be good. I am sure he has good reason to turn down our offer of a 2 contract (albeit at lower wages) for a one year contract with the Spurs, but hey, it's his decision.

He has contribute to the Arsenal cause and although he sort of loss us the title with one act of petulance as a skipper, he has also given his all when he was donning Arsenal colours.

Here's to you Monsieur Gallas, all the best and see you on the 21st of November.

In other transfer news, Jay Simpson has gone to Hull and Armand Traore is close to move to Benfica. The two talented youngsters promised much but as so many before them failed to make the jump into the senior side. Traore especially, was given his chance last season when Clichy and Gibbs were injured but as we all saw, he was sorely lacking in his defensive abilities.

On a more worrying note, there is still no news on any additions to the squad. Our bid for Scharwer has again been turned down. Seriously, we need a keeper and we need it fast. If not this Aussie, then maybe the Irishman in the blue half of Manchester. I know it is going to be even more difficult for City to sell to a rival club but at least we don't have to deal with Mark Hughes.

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