Saturday, August 28, 2010

Resilient Gunners claim victory of Blackburn

Arsenal 2 (Walcott, Arshavin) - Blackburn 1 (Mame) 

Arsenal didn't really play that well as nerves showed throughout the match. Passes were going astray and the players first touches poor, particularly by our Captain. He seems to be short of match sharpness but he did began to stamp his influence in the second half. On the other hand  the player who is full of confidence currently Walcott and he promptly delivered the first goal to us courtesy of a good finish following a defense splitting pass by RVP.  He also showed good movement and pace trouble the Blackburn defense throughout the game.

We really won this match purely on our strength and determination to hold off a Blackburn who turned up to play a rugby match rather than football. If you ever wanted a demonstration of how football was played back in the old days, spend more time watching Blackburn this season.  For the entire match, Big Sam's message to the team was just get the ball into the penalty box,be it from a goalkick almost 80yards away. There were not intention to play any midfield possession or develop any other passing movement. That is why, Mr Allardyce, your team will forever struggle to make it into the big time.

For all our their aerial threat, our defense managed to deal with it pretty decently and Almunia gave a commanding performance in spite of the Route 1 football played by the home team.  Even their goal, came after what was their only ground attack as Diouf got the better of Koscielny to cross and Clichy allowed Mame Diouf to sneak and score. Other than that, the back four played brilliantly, especially Bacary Sagna, who made at least 3 timely intervention which could have led to big problems for us.

My favourite moment of the match, though must be when little Jack Wilshere harrased and tackle Christopher Samba, winning possesion for Arsenal in the midfield. This little battle really show the tenacity of this year's team to battle it out with the bully boys, something which were severely lacking towards the latter part of last season .

Although Walcott might get the accolades for Man of the Match in most reviews, the person for is Bacary Sagna. He played his heart out and had a very big hand in the second goal as his determination to win the ball over Givet allowed him to cross and ultimately lead to Arshavin winner.

So Bac, take a bow today, you deserve it.

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