Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekend Preview

Arsenal v Blackpool Preview

If this game is gonna end up like the Hull game 2 years ago, I swear I will give up being an Arsenal fan. I can still remember feeling sick after that game.

This season's our team has not shown that they have learned anything from that game or even the games at the end of last season ( Birmingham, Wigan, Blackburn) which is why I am so worried going into this weekend at the Emirates.

The reinforcements that were supposed to take place as at today, not happened yet so I don't think we will be seeing any new faces on the field today. Almunia will probably start  again in goal, and judging by his performance last weekend, it really give me the chills.

We have Kos, Nasri, and Frimpong out definitely and waiting news on Song and Denilson. I hope the boss plays Cesc and RVP cause he has gone on record to say that he will ease them back in after their prolonged absense due to the WC.

I am saying we need Cesc and RVP, possibly also Rosicky because although they are one year older, the team itself has not aged mentally at all. They were completed lost after Liverpool scored last weekend. They were not leadership and everybody just zombied around, chasing after red shirts and losing the ball when we got it back. If would have been different if someone were there to authoritatively command the plays as was shown by Rosicky when he came on. I was not too impressed with him last season so I am hoping for our Czech midfield general to show what he is capable off. Also, we  would definitely need our little Russian to gain back his form which he admitted is "very bad".

I think a good result this weekend would raise everybody's morale (i know mine definitely need some boosting) and for Arsene to prove that this season will be better that last.

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