Monday, November 8, 2010

Wolves vs Arsenal: An Early Preview

It was a very disappointing loss on Sunday, going down to a home defeat against Newcastle. It there was a silver lining to this, it is that the next match is just three days down so that the lads have a chance to bounce right back. The team was totally off their game at the Emirates and this next game could go either way.

One, the boys can showed what they are made off and give Wolves a real grilling in front of their own fans, or we can capitulate to another loss and see the criticisms go up another notch. I am more inclined to think the boys will give the supporters a better response and pick themselves up after the demoralising defeat. Even though we missed the chance to close the gap on Chelsea but if there was one thing last season has taught us, the season is long and every team can drop points at any weekend.

Of all the players, I think Cesc needs to really pick up his game in this one. Being the leader, a lot is expected of him to drive the team forward and he has performed well until Sunday. It could possibly be an isolated off day for him so he needs to show that he will give mind and body to the cause.

With Van Persie back, Arsene have more options that he have ever had during his long tenure with the Gunners. I am not sure what system the Professor will play but it is likely that Van Persie’s return might come at the expense of Chamakh. This would certainly be something to for in the Everton game at the weekend but it would be too early for Van Persie to start against Wolves.

Our record against Wolves is pretty decent. Bendtner’s late late goal gave us a 1-0 win at the Emirates the last time we played them while we gave them a 4-1 roasting at the Molieux in the same month a year ago. Wolves were unlucky to go down to Manchester United at the weekend having beaten Manchester City at home the week before.

All in all, this is going to be a hard match but one which the lads must absolutely win. Not only that, they have to win in style to appease the fans crying out for blood.

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