Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Arsenal Fan's Perspective: We Won't Win the Premiership This Year

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Doesn’t it feel strange that whenever we have the chance to make some headway into Chelsea’s lead, we falter.

Cue back to the weekend when Chelsea lost their match at Eastlands against Manchester City, we could have taken the lead in the Premiership but for whatever reason, we choose to lose at home to West Bromwich Albion.

Last Sunday, Chelsea lost to Liverpool, yet we failed to take advantage of the situation by falling again at home, this time to Newcastle. Both times we were against inferior opposition but we couldn’t make the most of it. It was good that we finally manage to make some headway into cutting down Chelsea lead to 2 points but if you think about it, if we have taken the earlier opportunites, we would be leading the championship by 4 points.

Judging by the inconsistent displays by the team, it would seem like the Premiership title will once again be eluding us. I know it is still early in the season to give up on the title chase but let's face the facts here, does anyone out there really think we can make it this time around.

I am a die-hard fan of both the club and the manager yet I still cannot fathom how we can make take the final step in the Premiership. No doubt we will be right up there and claim another Champions League spot but Chelsea and Manchester United will most likely be the last ones standing.

I have said it once before that the team is missing the winning mentality. We need to win a trophy of some sort and then we will go on from there. That is why it is so important that we grab the Carling Cup this season.

It is the best chance we have of winning something after five years and Arsene has probably realize that. With only Manchester United in our way, we to grab this thing come what may, even at the expense of the champions or Champions League.

This is the first step to the promise of the golden land.
Call me nuts but this is my ambition for the Gunners this season, get the Carling cup and the season is a success, anything else is a bonus while not getting it would be a complete failure of Arsene's dreams.

Written by Terrence Tan, Guest Writer

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