Thursday, November 25, 2010

Aston Villa vs Arsenal: Match Preview

This match is going to be another tough test for the Gunners. After two disappointing back to back losses to Spurs and Braga, the lads would certainly need to pick themselves up to win this match at Villa Park. The Gunners are in a confidence crisis and their play on the field reflects that.

In the game against Braga, there was hardly any creativity even though we had the majority of the possession. Losing Fabregas to injury is certainly a blow to the them but in may be a blessing in disguise. Our captain have hardly been the player he was last year and a part from the first half against Spurs, he has been disappointing in our losses so far. With so much of our play going through him, it is no surprise that we struggle when he does turn up.

Without him out injured, Arsene can play in the in-form Nasri in his place. As he shown in France’s victory over England, Nasri is brilliant when playing down the middle. He is easily our best player this season and I hope that with him in the centre, he can galvanize the attack with has been lacking in sharpness recently.  Also without Fabregas, the team tends to look for other options to attack rather than seeking the easy option of playing the ball to Fabregas to work his magic. This will ensure that our attacking play becomes less predictable.

After a week’s rest, I certainly believe that Van Persie will start the match this time around. Although Chamakh has done so well since joining the club, RVP provides another dimension to the attack and I think he may be the catalyst to reinvigorate our title hopes.

There is never a good time to visit Villa Park but this weekend is as good as any. Although their injury problems have somewhat abated and players like Agbonlahor and Carew are back, the squad hasn’t really gelled into place under Gerrard Houllier. Moreover, their in-form winger Marc Albrighton will be out after undergoing surgery recently.

As I said, the lads are facing a confidence crisis currently. Now more than ever, we need to put in a good performance to bring back the zest in our play and support from the fans.

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