Saturday, November 13, 2010

It would be wrong not to start Wilshere tomorrow

I am not sure if anyone notice that the two times that Chelsea have gone down this season, we failed to take advantage of the situation. This weekend both Manchester teams have dropped points drawing their matches today so we have a chance to move back into second spot with a victory tomorrow over Everton.

Given our Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde performances, we don't know which one will turn up tomorrow but I am hoping it is the good twin. A lot of talk is still going on about Cesc and how he has to tune up his performance for this game after lackluster ones in the previous two. I totally agree with that but more importantly, he has to show his leadership and drive his teammates on in the game. We need his full commitment to press on and challenge for the championship. I know the fans are still wary about him but I choose to support the skipper and will not question where his heart is.

A bit of news coming from the press conference seems to suggest that Jack Wilshere will not be starting the match tomorrow. It is understandable that Arsene wants to rest his prodigy but can we afford not to have Jack in the line-up. His replacement would most definitely be Denilson, so although he has improved from the past season, I would take Jack over the Brazilian anytime. This game is not for rotating with the squad and I feel the team is weakened without young Jack. I would love to see Ramsey back to challenge Wilshere for the midfield spot because I do think these two youngsters can be the catalyst for the team.

Yesterday, I had poll asking who the fans would prefer as a potential January recruit for the team, Gary Cahill or Neven Subotic. Surprisingly for me, more of you guys prefer Neven Subotic who got 58 percent of the over 200 plus votes registered. Personally I don't think so highly of the Serbian but I guess many of you do. Let's just wait and see if we get our wishes come January.

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  1. I am agreed with u, both Jack and Ramsey was my favorite.

    Would be good if Ramsey get back soon, whatever it is certain positive steps taken will be good for future - arsenalkorner (