Friday, November 19, 2010

Laurent Blanc could be a good successor to Wenger, no?

I was watching how Laurent Blanc’s French side demolish the English Lions and the thought came to me; this French side looks good and is back to playing attractive football. More than that, the French is playing Arsenal's brand of attractive football.

The way Blanc set up his team was an exact replica of how Arsenal plays in the Premier League, the 4-5-1 system. The movement of the players are also typical of how the Gunners would play. Malouda, Nasri, M’Villa, Valbuena were all given interchanging positions at will and running riot around the English midfield who couldn’t contain what they can’t track.

The first French goal coming from the inter-play between Malouda-Benzema was a typical Arsenal move. How many times over the years have you seen, either Pires – Henry or Fabregas – Van Persie performed a similar move to the one that brought Benzema his goal.

All this above similarities bring me to the conclusion that Laurent Blanc would be the ideal replacement when the Professor eventually retires. I know in the pass many have advocated for Pep Guardiola since Barcelona also plays a similar system. However, I personally feel that Blanc’s system is more similar to ours than Barcelona. If he were to come in the, it would be like a continuation of the Wenger’s legacy. Furthermore, we would be treated to years of free-flowing attractive football at the Emirates.

I know this is all a moot point for the time being since Wenger is in no hurry to retire, and I certainly don’t want him to go but we have to think about contingencies sometime. I don’t think Pat Rice is the man to take over as he is more suited as a no 2 man. Of course, we have a couple of ex-players who are pursuing their coaching careers and who definitely love to take over their beloved Arsenal. However right now, my choice is going to be Laurent Blanc.

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