Sunday, December 19, 2010

Miyachi's signing a little strange for me

It's been a real boring weekend so far. I thought I would have the double pleasure of watching the Gunners trample all over Stoke City and return to the top of the Premiership. Both events did not happened due to the big freeze currently sweeping over England and most of Europe now.

Past few days have been dominated by the signing of young Japanese starlet Ryo Miyachi. I have not personally watch this guy play but isn't being 18 years of age a little too old to join the academy. When we have players are like Wishere, Ramsey and Walcott all starting their first team careers at that age, why is it that we are bringing an untested player in at that age. Don't get me wrong but I love that Arsene has signed an Asian player but I do hope it is not for commercial reasons. Anyone remember Junichi Inamoto?

If I am not wrong, there are another  players coming in during the January window who is about that age, Welling Silva. This guy though is a proven player in the Brazilian league so the situation is a little different. I am just a little perplexed with the Miyachi signing. Anyways, I wish him all the best in his Arsenal career.

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