Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let's savor the victory and be proud of our record

It was again nor a vintage performance by the Gunners yesterday but in the end, all that matters were the three points and progress to the next round in the champions league.

This marks our 11thh successive season in the knockout stages of Europe's premier club competition so it is something which we should savor. Not even the likes of Manchester united can boast such a record. And we did it without any sugar daddies to reinforce or coffers or local government to bail us out of out debts.

Whether we progress further this year will be down to our luck in he draw and our performances come February. We should not he too pessimistic about our chances because our performances in February is typically better than the ones in November/December. We just have to go back to the 2006 season when in the run to the final, we took out both Real Madrid and Juventus.

Although we did not play out best last night, I am happy that Le Boss is thinking about accommodating both Chamakh and Van Persie in the same line-up. It didn't work so well last night but that is down to a rusty Van Persie still finding his feet after being out so so long. One thing tha pleased me was the goal by Walcott. The young man still cannot do much right on the flanks but his finishing this season has certainly improved by leaps and bounds

And finally, a word of encouragement to Kieran Gibbs. You'll be back in no time mate. Keep the faith.

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