Saturday, December 25, 2010

Arsenal's loanees - How many will make it - Part 3

Vito Mannone - Hull City
Apps: 5 Goals: 0
Loan started: October 18 Loan due to end: January 31
Last match: Hull City 2-0 Bristol City
League position: 18th in Championship
Verdict: Don Vito will be the third choice keeper once Manuel Almunia leaves the club. I don't think he will overtake Wojciech but he has to stay patience and overtake Fabianski when the latter inevitably makes a mess of things.

Aaron Ramsey - Nottingham Forest
Apps: 0+2 Goals: 0
Loan started: November 25 Loan due to end: January 3
Last match: Nottingham Forest 3-0 Crystal Palace
League position: 8th in Championship 
Verdict: Rambo's loan spell was really to get him back to fitness after his broken leg. Ideally he would be back with the Gunners in January, but maybe continuing his rehabilitation with Forest will eventually be better for him.

Mark Randall - Rotherham United
Apps: 1 Goals: 0
Loan started: October 27 Loan due to end: January 25
Last match: Southend 1-0 Rotherham United
League position: 4th in League Two
Verdict: Former reserves's team captain Mark has not been able to make the leap to the senior sqaud. It would be best to leave the club and seek greener pastures elsewhere.

Armand Traore - Juventus
Apps: 2+2 Goals: 0
Loan started: August 31 Loan due to end: End of the season
Last match: Chievo 1-1 Juventus
League Position: 4th in Serie A
Verdict: Armand has had his opportunities to cement his place in the squad but his perfromances end of last season showed that he won't cut it with the Gunners.

This is my last post for the year. Wishing all of you

"Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year"

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  1. It annoys me that people say traore isnt good enough. He played about 8 games last season, (not in the latter half actually) and was outstanding in 6 of them. I thought he was our best player in at least 1. He was poor against chelsea, as was every other player pretty much, and against everton where he was up against an in-form landon donovan who ripped apart lots of teams during his short time at everton.
    I think gibbs is ahead of traore at the moment, but that doesnt mean he should be shown the door. Gibbs has an injury record, but also has the ability to play in midfield, meaning both could be accommodated in our squad. Traore is an amazing athlete with masses of technical ability and the mentality he displayed last season was vastly improved over his first games at the club when he really was just a kid and I really think he will be a top left back in a few years. Not everybody can be world class at 21. In fact, hardly any players can claim that.
    Unfortunately the reason I dont think he will make it at arsenal is that I dont think he really wants to any more. Fair enough, we have gibbs and apparently botelho is doing really well in spain now, not to mention cruise and evina in the reserves who both look to be very talented players as well. Nonetheless I think only gibbs has anything like the maximum potential of traore long-term.