Monday, December 20, 2010

Let Denilson go and get Ramsey back

Today's news headlines were all about the prospective £10 million bid for Denilson by our favourite Spanish side, Barcelona. I don't see this really happening because they just signed Mascherano in the summer. Nonetheless, I would welcome such a move for the Brazilian.

Denilson has been with the first team for 3 years now. When he initially came in, I was really excited about the his play. He has exquisite movement and passing but he seemed to have regressed. The boy does not seem to give his 100 percent in every match and sometimes just saunters around. Last year's F.A Cup defeat at Stoke was a prime example of the lackadaisical attitude that the boy has at times. He was at fault for the second goal, not bothered to track the midfield run of the opposition player.

He started a lot of games last year but this time around Arsene seems to have put more faith in Jack Wilshere than the Brazilian. Even Diaby was starting more games than the Brazilian until he got injured. Therefore he wouldn't be a lost if we can get some decent money for him. Barcelona may not be the destination but I am hearing that a couple of German clubs are interested in him as well.

Another thing about letting Denilson go is we would free up a midfield role for Aaron Ramsey. The Welshman's loan period at Nottingham Forest is coming to an end so he can be integrated back into the squad slowly. Without Denilson, Rambo's chances would be better and I would definitely rate him over the Brazilian anytime.

So let's thank Denilson for his services to the club and bid him farewell this January!

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