Monday, December 13, 2010

Final thoughts before the match: Efficiency in attack key to winning the match

As they say, the best form of defence is attack. This will be especially true for the match tonight. If we are to stand any chance of winning the match tonight, we need to attack the Red Devils will all the efficiency we've got.
To rely on our defence to hold out for 90 minutes will be a tall order. That's why we need to take our chances at the other end and put the home team under pressure from the get go.

Similar to the game against Chelsea which we would have won if team was efficient in attack, this game will boil down to the team taking their chances. If we were to go and grab a couple of early goals then they would commit more men forward. Please note that I mentioned goals because a one goal lead will not be enough with our defense looking a porous as it is. We would have opportunities to score definitely and we need to take them. It is a simple as that.

Not sure if Fabianski can recover in time but if he doesn’t and Wojciech starts, I hope the young Pole can take his chance and put in the game of his life (ala Mannone against Fulham last season). He has been crying for his chance so here is the best opportunity. Go and prove it to us fans!

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