Monday, January 10, 2011

Squillaci's injury might be for the best

News that Arsene Wenger might be force into making a foray into the transfer market this season after the injury suffered by Sebastian Squillaci is certainly music to my ears. Our defence has been weak all season long even after adding Koscielny and Squillaci in the summer. We have lost our best defender in Vermaelen for much of the season and he is not looking close to making a comeback. With Squillaci out basically we are back to where we were last season with only 2 fit centerbacks in the team. Koscielny and Djourou have done tremendously, especially the Swiss but it is inevitable that Arsene will now sign a centerback in this January transfer window. The questions is who will he sign? Will he plum for a quality centerback to shore up the defence for this season and moving forward OR will he just get a cut-rate defender as cover for the regular first team players.

If it is the latter, there are already reports linking us back to Sol Campbell. I don't think this is anything near plausible since the Englishman spurned our contract offer to sign for Newcastle. There are also reports linking us to David Wheater over at Middleborough. Taking this option and going for Campbell or Wheater would certainly be cheaper but I fear it will affect our chances this season. It is very similar to the situation last season when Arsene had the chance to buy a center back in January but he didn't and we ended up looking woefully short when both Gallas and Vermaelen were out. Arsene is a quick learned man so I don't think he will make the same mistake again.

So it  is likely that he will choose the first option and signal his intent to win all competitions with a major signing. Over the last day or so, all the names we have been linked to in the past have surfaced. Cahill, Jagielka, Mertersacker, Saphic, Tasci and Samba looks to be the likely target, if you read and believe the British press.

Of all the players, I am rooting that we sign Gary Cahill. This guy ticks all the boxes as far as what Arsene is looking for. He's young, tough, fast and have a calm head for one so young. The only problem is he will not come cheap and may not want to leave the North-West for London. The other player I like is Per Mertersacker. He was one of the best defenders at the World Cup and have continued his good form for Werder Bremen. getting him over the channel and into England may be a problem though, as German players are always reluctant to leave the Bundesliga.

Lastly and possibly the cheapest alternative is Christopher Samba from Blackburn. Here is a behemoth of a defender, with all the Premiership experience you want. He will bring steel and height to a fragile defence. Moreover, he is looking to leave Blackburn at the double after Big Sam was sacked. Plus point, he speaks French. Minus point - he adores the Big Walrus.

Personally, any of the three is good enough for me. The most important thing is Arsene must signing someone within these 3 weeks.

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