Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arsenal loves to see its fans suffer!

How else can you explain last night's performance. Here we are facing a side languishing in the lower regions of the Championship, have just been thrashed at the weekend and not having the new manager with the team, yet we contrive to lose this match and make it harder for ourselves to qualify for our first final in 4 years.

If our continue to give such a performance then I seriously don't think we will end our title drought this year. Our much vaunted attack was nowhere to be seen. It was not as if we were a team of youth talents as the case in previous years. Our attack last night was lead by three full internationals, yet I don't think they managed a shot a goal.

I was very disappointed with the defeat. It would have made the work so much easier if we had beaten Ipswich last night. Now we have to break down a dogged defense at the Emirates and hope we do not fall prey to the counter attack again. It will not be easy at the Emirates as Ipswich proved last night that they can defend very well.

The other problem with the defeat last night was that it adds further pressure to the team in a period where fixture congestion may become an issue. Basically all out matches from now until the middle of February are must win matches. We cannot afford to slip up on anymore League matches while the cup matches are now do or die.The lads will be playing 2 games a week for the near future. I am afraid if the fringe players do not buck up then we will be in a lot of trouble. Twice in a week, players like Bendtner and Arshavin have failed to impress. It's not wonder that these two are linked with moves away from the Emirates.

Although disappointed, I am still optimistic that we will conquer all before us starting with West Ham this Saturday and Leeds the following week. The team always make us suffer but I am hoping for a big surprise to end all suffering come February.

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