Sunday, January 9, 2011

Really! Bendtner needs to go!

As I said in my game preview earlier, Nicklas Bendtner will probably play in the FA Cup tie and must use the opportunity to prove to the fans that he has what it takes to make it permanently in the Arsenal set-up. He was in the starting eleven but did he perform? I don't think so. I was thoroughly criticized in my earlier post for saying Bendtner was not good enough for the Gunners. By the way the game went and the Dane's performance, I feel totally vindicated.

Seriously we need quality back-up players so that the manager can rotate his squad around. Too long have we been saddled with mediocre players like Bendtner who is taking up a slot which could have been used to purchase another player or further the development of a younger generation of players.

No doubt Bendtner was a highly talented youngster in the academy but like so many before him, he just does not seem to be able to make the grade. It would be better for his development if he moves to another club in England of elsewhere in Europe where he might get a game more regularly. He has had his chances and it's time for Arsene to look at other talented youngsters in the frame that may potentially make the grade to be first choice players. We have no lack of depth in that area with JET, Afobe, Watt and Freeman all waiting in the wings.

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