Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It doesn't look like we will have anyone coming in this January!

Since the January transfer window opened, we have been talking about the need for new additions especially in the middle of our defense. Now there is just about a week left before the transfer period closes for the season and it doesn't look like we will be signing anyone. Although we have been linked with a multitude of names, there just isn't any concrete movement from Arsene and his team.

As we welcome back Squillaci and the team producing a slate of clean sheets in the Premiership, the Professor's tune has changed from "We will need to sign a defender" to "Our defense in more stable, and we will only sign if we can get the right quality at the right price." As this is usually his stance before not signing anybody, I would have my breath for any new additions. Furthermore, in his interview for Arsenal TV, he mentioned that he has the option of Song and Miquel as back-up should the central defenders become unavailable.

All this points to just one thing, we would be with the same group of players for the season, no new faces. Again, I am not one to argue with the boss, and he could still be right. If we do not sign any new players and the defenders stay fit, and we will the league, it would be a masterstroke that have saved the club millions of pounds. However, should his gamble backfire and the defenders become injured or suspended just like last season, then he really has to take full responsibility for it.It happened last season and I don't discount that it will not happen again this year. Given the fragile nature of our players it is likely that we will miss a couple of the central defenders at some point in the near future. Let's just hope it will not be more than two.

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