Monday, April 18, 2011

We still have a chance but can we take it?

The answer is YES! The draw last night actually did not change anything in terms of the title race. If we had gotten all three points, we would have been 4 points back from Man United. As it stand now we are 6 points back. How a points perspective there is little difference between being 4 or 6 points back. We still need Man United to drop point in two matches out of their remaining six. The key statistic is 2 matches back. While at 4 points we need the leaders to at least lose one and draw the other, now we need them to lose two matches. Again there is hope in that because the leaders still need to come to the Emirates and travel to Chelsea. I am almost certain that Man United will drop the six points needed in the last six matches. This is their schedule for the end of the month

  •  April 27 Schalke
  •  May 1 Arsenal
  • May 3 Schalke
  • May 6 Chelsea

I see them losing to both Arsenal and Chelsea during this stretch. Their other games are not easy fixtures as well because of the relegation battle brewing down the bottom half of the league.

Unfortunately, I do not have much confidence in the team to get all the points from their remaining matches. If they can throw away three points from a winning position at the Emirates, how can they be counted on to deliver the maximum at places like White Hart Lane, The Reebok or The Britannia.

So we are definitely in with a shout for the title but unfortunately this team is not mentally strong enough to win the title.

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  1. Man U play Chelsea at Old Trafford, not Stamford Bridge!