Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another morning, another disappointing result

I was really hoping that we could get a win over the Spuds yesterday to get back to within 4 points of the title race but as expected we couldn't and now we are down to third place. Although we are still unbeaten in 2011, the many draws that we have suffered( I think it is 5 draws in the last 5 matches), have taken its toll on our premiership challenge.

Again it was not a match where the couldn't win. In fact, we had a two goal cushion at one point, just like the game at the Emirates but we failed to hold on to the lead. At least this time we didn't lose the match. I think the boys gave it their all but the lack of concentration among some of the players is evident. We just don't seem to be able to defend a lead well enough to secure the points. It was not as bad as the Eboue incident on Sunday but Szechny's penalty giveaway was a needless one. Other than that mistake, the young Pole actually did quite well and I think he will be the answer to our goalkeeping woes. 

Generally both teams played well but could not maintain the level of play for the whole 90 minutes. It was not only the Gunners but Harry's men as well. I guess that is why both the teams are struggling at the moment. It was an open and free-flowing game, a testament to all things good about the English game but if you were a fan of both teams, it would't have done your blood pressure any good. I know I went through a big rollercoaster of a time.( Not as bad as the Liverpool match though because at least this one was over 90 minutes rather than only 3)

All in all, the title challenge is still on but games are fast running out.  

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