Friday, April 8, 2011

Match Preview: Blackpool vs Arsenal

So this Sunday is another one of those must win matches we have been hearing for the past month or so. Every time we have a must win match, we ultimately fail to do so. The last three matches were particularly disappointing as they were very winnable matches especially the two home games. Now from a comfortable run in to challenge Man United, we have literally handed them the initiative and they are taking it by the horns. On the other, we seem to be stumbling yet again, as in previous years.

Somehow, I do not feel very confident about the match against the Seasiders. They are a tough team to beat at home and given our form at the moment, a draw could even be a stretch. Unless of course, the lads decide to turn on the power for the last 7 games and really give the title challenge a go. It is still not impossible to win, as Man United will surely drop points in their last six matches. The only thing we need to do keep pace with them until the end of the month when they visit the Emirates. I still think that match will be title decider.

I am not sure what has happened to the Gunners in the past few games but the lads have just not shown that they want the title. Arsene was totally right when he said he couldn't see the strength in the last match against Blackburn. In fact, there was no passion in the play at all. That is the most saddening part for me, not the drop points but the lack of desire from the players. I just hope the boss can do something this weekend and turn the whole morale of the team around for the sake of the club and supporters.

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