Monday, March 7, 2011

Two points dropped but a precious one gained

While many Arsenal fans are still moaning about the two points dropped on Saturday, it may not have come to our minds that the one point gained is extremely precious especially in the light of Man United's defeat yesterday.

The pundits have all mentioned how nothing has changed after the weekend's result but I beg to differ. There is a major difference and it all comes to the one point gained at the Emirates.

Before the weekend's round of matches, we were four points back from the Red Devils. That is a 2 match result meaning we need 2 matches to go our way before we can overtake Man United. For example, it would mean beating Man United at home AND getting at least a draw in the game in hand versus Spurs at White Hart Lane.

Now that we are only 3 points back, we do not need a result in the extra match. So even if we did lose to Spurs (pray not), we will still be able to overhaul Man United if we beat them at the Emirates.

Therefore, we are just so much better off. Not winning the match against Sunderland turned out to be insignificant because one point behind or three points, it is still the same: a one match chase.

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