Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are we waiting to end the drought with the League Title

A positive thought crossed my mind after we lost the League Cup on Sunday. Yes it was a great opportunity to end the title drought after six years but may be is it a title worthy of that honour. Of course I am disappointed and this might sound like the ramblings of a sore loser but isn’t it better if we were to win the Premiership title as the first trophy of the Wenger youth project. It will certainly be the crowning glory to his many achievements here at Arsenal. Maybe that’s why it is fated we didn’t win the League Cup.

One thing’s for sure, the League Cup is not the end all for the Gunners. Earlier I wrote that we may suffer major psychological setbacks from a defeat at Wembley. We still could but I am hoping the lads can rise above their misery and carry on to continue the good work they have done so far. There is still much to play for especially in the Premiership and FA Cup. It would do nobody any good for the lads to be brooding over the defeat. The sentiments coming the dressing room is that they have gotten over the defeat so we shall see tomorrow if it is true. A win over Leyton Orient is a must, not only for progress to the FA Cup quarter finals but more so for the improving morale in the team.

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