Friday, March 18, 2011

Three players we MUST sell this summer

In my last post, I mentioned the youth players I would like to see in the first team next season. To accommodate them, we need to get rid of certain first team players. There have been many players who have underperformed this year but these three on my list have been given ample opportunities to impress but they have not done anything to stake their claim to continue wearing the arsenal jersey

Abou Diaby

Of all the players I dislike in the Arsenal team, this guy takes the top prize. No doubt he is talented and has shown that he is a pretty decent player but he just doesn't come through for the team often enough. The times when we trusted him to do the job he fails. He is also the reason why we fail go score many goals if he is in the team. He just slows down the attack. Just watch him play and you will know what I mean


Well he came with so much promise but after the FA Cup defeat, I think it is time for him to leave. There is no passion or commitment at all from this guy. How can you explain him being bossed out by the da silva twins. Also him allowing the opponents to move faster than him like what Valencia did for the second Man United goal was unforgivable. It's not the first time as well. Remember how Rooney scored in the defeat at the Emirates last year.

Nicklas Bendtner

Earlier this season the Dane was making all sort of noises about how he is the best striker in the club. Well nothing of that quality has come from this guy from what I see. He first touch is atrocious. If he is a good striker and possess a decent first touch, we would have been in the champions league quarterfinals this year. If as the report says that he is worth 15 million pounds, please do the deal immediately

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  1. i think bendtner is good for the team an we should keep him but i do agree with both others their shit.