Thursday, February 17, 2011

The night we beat the best in the world

Oh boy, what a match it was yesterday. Although it is only the first leg and we still have 90 minutes to go at the Nou Camp, let's savour this moment and hope that this result will give us belief that the team is capable of much more. We were not given any chance at all by anyone going into the match.
I must admit that when the opposition when one up, I was fearing the worst. I should have known better. We two nil down last year and we fought back. It wasn't any different this year just that we won the game and we really took the game to them.

Right from the start we attacked and pressure them much like how Barcelona plays. We were really two teams alike in the style of play. Where we used to be dominate by them, this game showed that we have grown up and is able to compete with the best team in the world and win.

I was totally impressed with the way we took the game to Barcelona. Even in the first half, when they were leading, we had good chance which we failed to convert. But the second half performance was as just as any I have seen this year. The Spaniards hardly had a look at goal. The fact that Guardiola sacrificed his main attacker to bring in a midfielder showed that they were afraid of what we could do. Maybe last year's fight back was still playing in this mind. However, fortune favours the brave and the tactical changes made by Arsene were braves one and he absolutely deserved credit for it.

There are so many good performances but i like to single Wilshere and Szechny. Wilshere was instrumental in midfield and not overawed by the likes of Xavi and Iniesta. not sure if anybody saw the little contribution young Jack made to the second goal. It was his first time pass which allowed Cesc to spin away from his marker and set the wheels in motion. As for the young keeper, he did not have such a busy time but his presence in goal contributed to a whole deal of confidence for the defenders. I don't see that confidence in Koscielny and Djourou when they are in front of Almunia or Fabianski.

QUESTION: Now that we have beaten the best club side in the world, does it mean we are the best?

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